Security in the household is very important so at Locksmith Widnes we can give you the best advice on all your locks and you might think the ones you have are ok but we will explain the differences between each lock and why to replace them if needed.We supply only the best as you can add whats called Sash Jammers on your window frames as an extra locking system also these can be added to front doors on upvc doors and wooden doors so anything extra needed for your peace of mind contact Dave your Locksmth Widnes on 07907214564 for a free quote and no obligation for anything.

Euro Lock

euro lock

These are used to go into the mechanism on a door which is built into the multilock.you can also get whats called a thumb turn euro lock which is good if your trying to find your keys to open the door quick or if you have bad Arthritis in your hand to open easier as in picture below.

Thumb turn euro lock


Sash jammer

Dead Locks

These are mainly on wooden doors and can be put also on bedroom doors as well

Dead lock

Sash locks

A sash lock is simular to a dead lock but you have to use handles with this as to bring back the snip on the lock as in pic below

Sash lock


Multi locks

These can be on wooden doors and upvc (plastic) doors.if needed it might need a full multi lock as pic below.



full multi lock


The locksmith will advice you on if you need a full multilock changing or just the mechanisn what controls the multilock as in pic below



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